Nitin Yadav who?

Hi Fellas, My name is Nitin Yadav and this is my official page for sharing real life learnings. Well, I specialized into Marketing & Finance, I am professionally into Digital Marketing and keep exploring Investment instruments like Stock market, Mutual funds. Learning is an ongoing or never-ending process and one should never stop learning irrespective of his age and experience, I love exploring new things and keep learning new things which I am willing to share with you guys.

I have worked with many startups, SME’s from countries like India, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.I am here to share my work experience, thoughts, life, Ideas, Strategies, Investment plans, Books and many things I learn in my day to day life. Everything I share is my thoughts, research-based facts and experience so any suggestion, advice are welcome.
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   – Nitin Yadav