10 shoes under 2500 rs

If you ask me about the time taken to decide which mobile to buy? and Which shoes to buy? I can tell you which mobile to buy under your budget within 15 minutes but it takes days to decide which shoes to buy unlike mobile or tablet, shoes is something can’t be bought on just review or brand there are so many brands and there are so many options in any budget that it is so difficult to decide which shoes to buy. We have different requirement for shoes whether you need shoes for running, training, cricket shoes, badminton shoes, football shoes, adventure shoes, or all in one sports shoes, here I am talking about Running shoes which you can also use as sports shoes and training shoes and this shoes are under 2500 Rs. and I had gone thoroughly customer review, popularity, brand before posting my list here so I guess that my list will help you decide fast and you will find your next shoes very soon.

(Note: I never recommend local shoes which I don’t know or are cheap because I think your shoes may not make you but definitely can break you)

1. Puma Men’s Strike FashionIIDP Running Shoes (Recommended Color Neon green) – 2395 Rs.

Puma Men’s Strike FashionIIDP Running Shoes is available under 2395 Rs in 2 colors i.e. Black with orange pop and Black with green. It has got awesome customer review of 4.5 stars. Continue reading…