CNBC Stock 20 20 January 25 2017

Pitch Report: Good

Stock 20 20 is CNBC Awaz show air’s at 7:27 am every day from Monday to Friday, It shows you top 20 stocks in the news and may be best for Intraday and Swing trading.

Hemant’s Team:

Rel DefenceBuy6156.5good budget on defence
Punj lloydBuy21.520.35good budget on defence
Man infraBuy4741good budget on defence
A2ZBuy4742good budget
EscortsBuy378368good budget
Quick healBuy290265Budget and digitization willhelpDependable
BartronicsBuy2018.5Budget and digitization willhelp
ITDCBuy288268Budget and digitization willhelp
TATA ELXSIBuy15801495driverless car concept testFree Hit
NELCOBuy8984Budget and digitization willhelpPinch Hitter

Neeraj’s Team:

BioconBuy1025990good result
swaraj enginesBuy13801350good result
Bhushan SteelBuy605125k cr bid for company
Bharat FinancialBuy710670good result
Hind copperBuy7265low copper productin and price rise
ITIBuy5750.5budget will help and tie up with bel willl helpDependable
Swan energyBuy210183New project and contracts
STCBuy218201more stake with govt, and bught fund around 4 lac shares and new contract
HCL INSYSBuy7060Budget and digitization willhelpFree Hit
MegasoftBuy2320.5Budget and digitization willhelpPinch Hitter

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