6 Android and Chrome apps to keep you going

I am going to share some of my favorite apps which have had a large impact on my life in terms of changing habit, in terms of developing skills in terms of personality development and also increasing productivity.
(Note: these apps are not promoted but personally used)

This list not only includes android apps but also chrome extensions also let me know if you have any suggestions for apps which I should use.

1. Momentum – Google Chrome Extensions

It has been hardly a month that I found about a Momentum app but now it ranks 1st and that’s because of its simplicity and straight forward work, It is simple chrome extensions which let you write your daily priority but it works like charm, once you open your chrome browser Momentum welcomes you with simple but inspiring quote and asks for your main focus today? It makes you think about your priority, you might be thinking there are so many things to do today and all are priority but believe me you know importance of your work better and you have to start somewhere and make a plan and this app just simplifies for you, Just write 5 things you need to do and you will know your priority.
I use this app at work and even when I am at home and believe me just make it a daily practice and you will let off your daily task.

Below is the screenshot of the app

2. Pocket – Android, Web App and chrome extension and I use all 3 seriously.

In a simple word it’s a simple beast with a simple concept but with huge impact and it does this in every simple manner, what exactly it does? If you are a reader you know there are a lot of things which you find it so interesting that you wish to save it or want to read something but you reached your office or something happened and you have to read it later and this app does help you do that in a simple manner if you are on mobile you have to simply do is download the app and enable pocket for chrome so when you read any article in chrome browser you can just save it and later read it offline if you are a desktop user or on desktop do the same thing but here you have to download the chrome extension so when you come across any extension you have to just hit the extensions and your article get synchronizes with android app and web app which yu can read it later offline.

3. Duolingo – Learn Language in most simple way. Android apps and Web app.

Learning language is one of the best thing to learn, I personally wish to learn more than 6 languages right now I know English, Hindi, Marathi and wish to learn Spanish, French, Mandarin and working on Spanish skills anyway so Duolingo offers you the simple and best experience to learn new language so get started now.

4. Loop Habit Tracker – Build a habit. Android App

To build a habit you need 66 days and this app helps you keep track of your habits, whether you are looking forward to exercising regularly or learning new things or manage your time just use this app and if you are loyal t yourself you will see the changes.

5. Stocks edge – For Traders Android App

I am Intraday & Swing trader and this app just keep you updated with most of the things like open interest, technical patterns, news. I wish for the commodity in this app but let’s see if they bring it or not.

6. Aldiko – Keep Reading Android App
There are so many good apps for reading the book with so many good features and Aldiko is one of the new apps in my favorite list else I liked Flipkart ebook reader more but after the acquisition of kobo books, I find Aldiko much better. I personally wanted Text to speech which you can find in pro version of Aldiko reader.

This is some of my favorite apps and soon I will write about other apps which I use daily to develop skills and increase productivity. Do let me know in the comment some of your apps which you think I should use.